Radiotherapy treats cancer cells by using high-energy rays, which unfortunately cause some damage to the hair when applied to the head. Only radiotherapy directly to the head area causes hair loss in the immediate area of treatment– entry point and exit point. Undergoing radiotherapy (partial or whole brain) will incur some serious hair loss. Hair regeneration is much slower than with chemotherapy.

How much hair will I lose?

This varies from person to person, depending on duration and intensity of treatment 
ie. from loss at points of entry and exit, to whole scalp treatment incurring total hair loss.

How soon will I lose my hair?

This can vary greatly. In some cases hair loss is not experienced until treatment is completed.

​Will it grow back?

In most cases it doesn’t grow back as thick. Unfortunately some patients experience very little re-growth. Most of these people choose to wear a wig for aesthetic reasons, or a custom-made hair integration (we can advise and help with both). More in-depth information will be given at time of consultation.