Other hair loss conditions

There are many reasons a person may suffer hair loss. As previously outlined there are medical factors such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and alopecia, but there may be other reasons. We also have clients with the following reasons for hair loss:

Accident and burns

We have clients with scalp scar tissue damage precluding regeneration of new hair. Often we design prosthetic “in-fill pieces” that work beautifully with existing hair so there is no need to wear a wig. However, where full hair loss exists, special custom designing for a full prosthetic wig is required.


A debilitating disorder, where the client “plucks” their own hair – often to the point where they become so withdrawn they are unwilling to leave their home. We have clients whom we have helped with a medical wig, so that whilst not treating the disorder, the client can have the confidence to continue with other aspects of their life.


Surgery to the scalp leaving scar tissue that precludes hair growth in that region.

(See previous section on scalp issues).

Genetic thinning (male & female pattern baldness)

This condition affects women as well as men. We have a fantastic in-house design which integrates perfectly with your existing hair, giving you the freedom to style your hair as you like, without having to wear a full wig. Once again, there is absolutely no need to shave any portion of your existing hair – as many other hair replacement companies will insist you have to do!

If your self image is being affected because of hair thinning or hair loss, we want you to know that we can help! You will be treated with dignity and respect. When it comes to hair loss, there are no surprises for us – we see people for all sorts of reasons. However, not all situations are the same and not all clients require the same thing, so the best thing we can do for you, is to show you options that will give you realistic and attainable solutions for your individual needs.

In conclusion: do not ignore your situation. Act now and give yourself time to work through solutions to your hair loss without adding further stress to your life.