About wigs

What type of wigs does Wig Boudoir stock?

Only medical wigs, made specifically with the medical hair loss client in mind. These include handmade, machine made, synthetic fibre and human hair wigs.

Which wig is best for me?

Let’s reiterate that not all wigs are created equal. Wigs need to be tailored to suit

individual needs, and the ethnic make-up of our population calls for individual attention. Each wig has certain benefits, but let’s outline the main points.

A wig must fit the client exactly – front to nape, ear point to ear point. If it doesn’t fit you will never wear it, because you won’t trust that it will stay on.

Its foundation must be lightweight with a smooth finish to be comfortable and allow your scalp to breathe.

The hair fibre must be realistic and in keeping with the volume of hair you are used to having.

Realistic highlighting of the hair (fibre) is required to be in keeping with today’s styling.

What to look for and what to avoid when looking for a wig?

Don’t buy a fashion wig – the bases are heavy and the fibre cheap – it will not last the distance, and visually presents badly.

Buyer beware when buying online –what the wig looks like on a model under proper lighting, with hairstylists and makeup artists in tow, will be completely different to what it looks like on you at home.

Don’t buy a wig without trying it on to make sure the hair density and colour suit you, and the base size not only fits and looks the part, but is also comfortable to wear.

Arm yourself with information – ask questions, that is, do you cut/style the wig? Are you qualified hairdressers? Do you custom size the bases? Is there any back up service?

If the answer to any of the above is no, then you are very likely to experience some problems post- purchase.

What you need to know about wigs and hairpiece service payments.

Please check with Medicare and your private health insurance provider for any refunds and monetary support.